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Application Maintenance

Skytero helps you get the best out of your existing IT applications and infrastructure.

Software maintenance is the process of enhancing and optimizing software applications that have been deployed within an organization, as well as rectifying inherent defects in the software if any. Companies spend hundreds and thousands of dollars in developing software solutions to meet business requirements. Obviously they would like to prolong the lifespan of the applications to the extent possible so as to extract the maximum ROI. Studies show that 80% of today’s IT spend goes into maintenance related activities. Skytero provides end-to-end software application maintenance services, extending application lifetime and ensuring long term stability, sustainability, and trouble-free use of installed applications.

Development Methodology

We adopt a business-driven approach to application development that focuses on quickly implementing the high priority features, and then adding on the bells and whistles. To do this we use an development model that allows requirements and design to be continuously refined as code development progresses, building the application incrementally with periodic validation of refined requirements and design.

Skytero’s Application Maintenance Services focus on the following four primary areas:

Corrective Maintenance, which is concerned primarily with rectifying defects and fixing issues reported by users. Main activities consist of defect analysis, troubleshooting, code optimization bug fixes and correcting design flaws.
Preventive Maintenance which focuses on finding and correcting problems or potential problems before they are noticed by users. The main activity consists of development and deployment of service patches.
Perfective Maintenance which focuses on improving performance and stability of software applications. Main activities carried out under perfective maintenance include performance reviews and initiating improvements.
Adaptive Maintenance which focuses on developing new functionalities for keeping the applications usable in a changing environment.

Benefits of Skytero’s Software Application Maintenance Services:

Significant reduction in application maintenance costs.
Increased productivity, and reduced support costs.
Ensuring business competitiveness.
Aligning deployed applications with the industry standards.

With Skytero as your maintenance partner, you can rest assured that your software applications are in good hands, and will provide you with year on year of uninterrupted service. We will maintain your business critical software applications, improving their usability, stability and lifespan while reducing the total cost of ownership.


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