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Web Analytics Solutions

Web Analytics is a major part of online marketing. It helps you determine your campaign’s effectiveness and priorities necessary for tweaking and changes to maximize return on investment.It presents a detailed study of click-streams, customer segmentation and behaviour for a website, which is referred to refine visitor experience and improve your conversion goals. It tracks, collects, measures, reports and analyzes the quantifiable Internet data and helps testing a website’s optimization and marketing initiatives. Web analytics helps businesses understand visitor’s behaviour on their websites and helps you answer some important questions regarding your website like:

How many visitors visited your site? How many of them were unique?
Where do the visitors come from? Are they from search engines, direct or some other traffic source?
Where do they focus their attention more?
If they came via search engines, which keywords did they use in the search?
Which pages has high traffic and which pages don’t?
Where do they move out off your site?
What are visitors doing on my website?
Why did visitors complete/not complete the desired goals on my website?

We have expertise in customized web analytics solutions to address the specific requirements of your online business through continual evaluation and optimization. Our web analytics services help you track, measure, report and optimize your integrated online advertising and web marketing campaigns and provide the right support to all our online marketing activities and ensure that the clients can strategize in the right manner and become more successful.

Advantages of Skytero Solution's web analytics services:
Our Experts lay special stress on the improving the objectives of your website and business.
We provide actionable recommendations helping achieve your website and business objectives.
We will help you maximize your Return on Investment (ROI) of various marketing campaigns (email, referrals, pay per click and others).
We don’t look just at your web analytics data, but actually analyze your web site for problems and provide recommendations for a better user experience.

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